PS5 Error NW-102265-6 Fixed

The PS5 DNS Error NW-102265-6 occurs when the PS5 unable to connect to the server. It means there is a problem with the server or there is a problem with your internet connection. The error NW-102265-6 occurs when connecting to the PlayStation Network but there is a problem with the network or with your internet connection.

PS5 Error NW-102265-6
PS5 Error NW-102265-6

The PS5 is the latest and recently launched gaming console by Sony. There is nothing is perfect, so the PS5 also comes with some errors. But I’m here to fix them easily for all the PS5 users. I’ll write here all the possible methods to fix the error NW-102265-6.

PS5 Error NW-102265-6

First, you need to know about the PS5 Error NW-102265-6. When you’re facing the error NW-102265-6 on your PS5 there is a problem with the PSN (PlayStation Network). But sometimes there may be a problem with your internet connection.

So, all the users who face this error code on their PS5 they need to confirm what is the main reason to show the error on their screen. When you’ll confirmed where is the problem the error code will be fixed easily.

PlayStation 5 is the best gaming console which I used till now and its looking also good. But it has also some errors like its previous version of PS4. The PS5’s looks is completely different from the the PS4 also its color is different.

Let’s start to fix the error NW-102265-6 and play a game on PS5. It’s time to fix this error and enjoy playing a game. No, needs to go on the marketplace from where you buy the PS5, fix all the errors from our site just reading a post online.

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Method 1: Check Internet Connection Status

PS5 Internet Connection Status
PS5 Internet Connection Status

First, you must check your internet connection when the PS5 will show the error NW-102265-6 on the screen. If there is a problem with your internet connection you need to fix the internet connection from No Internet Access to Internet Access.

Sometimes the internet is working on the other devices but on the PS5 its not working. At this situation you need to do following steps to fix this error:

  • Reboot the Router.
  • Disconnect all the other devices connected with the router.
  • Try to connect the PS5 with a wired connection.
  • Restart the PS5 and try to connect with a wired connection it’ll help to reduce the loss.
  • Try to update the firmware of the router to the latest version.

Method 2: Check the PSN (PlayStation Network) Status

Sometimes there is a problem with the PSN (PlayStation Network). It means the PSN is in maintenance or there is something updating on their system to increase their performance. Sometimes the Sony needs to down their PlayStation Network when they’re changing a major things on it.

To confirm if the PSN is up or down you need to check the PlayStation Network Status. It is very easy to check the PSN status online.

  • First you need to click here and choose your region from there.
PSN Status
PSN Status
  • On the next page, you can see which services are running (up) and down. If there are some services that are down the error NW-102265-6 will occur. Sony working with ISPs to give better results and performance to their PS5 users when they’re going to playing a game and downloads a game.
PSN Status
PSN Status
  • If there is all the services are running but you’re facing the above error code on your PS5, you need to turn off the PS5 for 5-10 minutes and turn on after 10 minutes and check if the error is fixed or not.

Method 3: Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

There are so many ISP in the market and every ISP has its own policy, terms, and conditions. Some of the ISP is blocked some specific ports for security reasons. Some ports are blocked by the rule of the government.

In this situation you need to contact your ISP provider if they can unblock (open) the ports which need to communicate with the PSN. When you contact your ISP tell them the open the below ports:

  • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 and UDP: 3478, 3479,49152~65535.

Method 4: Change DNS Settings

This method also works to fix the error NW-102265-6. Sometimes PS5 server needs to change the DNS and it’ll works properly. If the DNS settings is not matched with your PSN the error maybe occurs.

If you don’t know how to change DNS settings on PS5 click here for complete guide.

I recommend you to use Google DNS to get better result. It’s DNS is publicly free and best DNS. I’m also using Google DNS to get best performance on my PS5.

Google DNS

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Final Verdict

The main reason occurs PS5 Error NW-102265-6 when there is a problem with PSN for security reasons and when they’re maintenance their server. But you need to also try to check other methods also to fix the error. Sometimes the reasons are different and the error code is the same. So, try to get a solution from different ways to fix the same error code of PS5.

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FAQs on PS5 Error NW-102265-6

1. What is the Error NW-102265-6 mean?

The error NW-102265-6 means there is a problem with PSN (PlayStation Network).

2. Do I need to change DNS settings to get better result?

It’s not necessary to change DNS settings but if your internet connection is not good you can try to change DNS settings of your PS5.

3. Which DNS server is best for PS5?

Google DNS is best for PS5 and its free. Click here to check all the fastest DNS for PS5.

4. The wired connection is better than Wi-Fi connection?

Yes of course the wired connection is better than Wi-Fi because on the wired connection the loss is 0 percentage.

5. The router needs reset to fix the error NW-102265-6?

I don’t think so, because its not the router’s problem, there is a problem with the PSN. You need to check the PSN status online, if the server is running or down.

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