Fastest DNS Server for PS5 [Working DNS List]

Get the Fastest DNS Server for PS5 from here. The DNS server is a very important part of PS5. It’ll help you to play a game smoothly on your PS5 console. If you want to get a good user experience on your PS5, you need to know something about the DNS server.

Fastest DNS Server for PS5
Fastest DNS Server for PS5

One thing you must know that, if there is an internet connection there is using the DNS server. It means the DNS server is very important to get good internet on devices. PlayStation 5 console is very famous and I recommend you buy it if you want to feel the best virtual gaming user experience. But one another thing that you need to know about DNS because sometimes you need to change DNS on your PS5 to get a good internet connection and speed up your PS5 console.

What is DNS Server

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System it provides all the domains with their personal IP address. It means when you register a new domain the domain will have a unique IP address or when you type a domain name (URL) on the browser the DNS server will translate the domain name into the IP address and you’ll redirect to the front end of the website.

For example, you want to visit the website and you type the domain on the browser and hit enter and the DNS server will translate the domain to the IP address and finally, you’ll get the result on the browser.

There are so many international companies who provides public DNS server for free. The ISPs companies are provides private IP to their customer. If you want to use public DNS server to get fastest internet connection you need to change the DNS from private to the public DNS.

You’ll get here all the public DNS server list for free. They all are worked best on PS5, just try to fix if they’re working on your PS5 or not. But they worked on my PS5.

Fastest DNS Server List for PS5

ProviderPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
DNS Advantage156.154.70.1156.154.71.1
German Privacy Foundation e.V.
OpenDNS Home208.67.220.220208.67.222.222
Comodo Secure DNS8.
Christoph Hochstätter209.59.210.167USA
Norton ConnectSafe199.85.126.10199.85.127.10
Alternate DNS198.101.242.7223.253.163.53
FoeBuD e.V.
Hurricane Electric74.82.42.42
JSC Marketing216.129.251.13USA
Fastest DNS Server for PS5

I recommend you to use Google DNS to get the best performance. It is the best performing and free DNS server worldwide. It also works well on my PlayStation 5 console.

Google DNS

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Reason for uses DNS Sever

There are many reasons for using the DNS server. The main reason is, we’re human and we can’t able to remember numerical digits with a dot but we can easily remember alphabetic names. So, it uses and also the computer doesn’t know the alphabetic language it knows the only high-level language (numerical). There are also major reasons for using DNS server check them below:


The public DNS server is more secured than the private DNS server. DNS also works as a firewall, it means when you’re using public DNS it’ll help from hacked, phishing, spam, redirects etc.

Increase Download Speed

When you set your DNS to the public DNS server you’ll get more download speed on your PS5. It’ll help you to increase download speed on your PS5. When you configure your private DNS to the public DNS server the public DNS server will find the nearest and best channel for your internet connection and your computer or PS5 will get more download speed. It’ll help you to download games and increase play a game user experience.

Unblock Certain Websites

Every country’s government has blocked some websites as their privacy, terms, and conditions. But there is all type of users who want to unblock them but they can’t because they don’t know about the DNS. Also, there are some websites that are blocked by their ISP. When you change your private DNS to the public DNS some websites might be unblocked, so try once to unblock your favorite website by changing the DNS server.

FAQs on Fastest DNS Server for PS5

1. What is the fastest DNS server 2021?

The fastest DNS server in 2021 is Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS, and OpenDNS. You can find the DNS number from the above list.

2. How do I find my fastest DNS server?

I suggest you to use Namebench to find fastest DNS server for PS5.

3. What is the fastest DNS server for PS5?

Google DNS:,
Cloudflare DNS:,

4. What is the fastest DNS server in the UK?

OpenDNS server is the fastest DNS server in the UK.

5. Which Google DNS is faster?

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

6. Is Google DNS good for gaming?

Yes, of course, Google DNS is good for gaming user experience. I also using Google DNS on my PS5 to get good user experience.

7. How many DNS servers should I have?

At least you should have two DNS servers.

8. Which DNS server is best for gaming?

For gaming Google DNS, OpenDNS, Comodo Secure DNS, Cloudflare.

9. Is open DNS safe?

Yes, of course Open DNS is safe to use.

10. Is Google DNS safe?

Yes, of course Google DNS is safe to use. It has been available for almost 10 years.

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