PS4 Error E-82000168 Fixed [Updated 2021]

The PS4 Error E-82000168 occurs when there maybe the PSN server is temporarily unavailable or the PSN server maybe down. This error is very common error on the PS4. When the PS4 user going to play a game but on the screen the error E-82000168.


If this error code appears on the screen you cannot able to play a game because there is no internet connection or the PlayStation Network server is down or may the PlayStation Network server is temporarily unavailable.

It means you need to check if the server is up or not from time to time. If the server is not working for a long time in this situation you need to check the additional information to fix this error. Because sometimes there may be another problem that can cause this error E-82000168.

PS4 Error E-82000168 fixed

When the error E-82000168 appears on the screen the PS4 user cannot able to access the internet connection and he/ she cannot able to play any game on the PS4. This error code is very frustrating because the PS4 user have all the necessary things but the user cannot able to play any of the game on that PS4.

I’m also face this problem when I was at my cousin’s house. When I turns on the PS4 and open a game but I see there this error PS4 error E-82000168. And I tried to fix the error after sometime I fixed the error. Then I play the game on that PS4 easily and really enjoyed.

There are so many users who still face this problem on their PS4 when they trying to play a game. But it’s time to fix the error and start to playing smoothly. You can easily fix this error on your PS4 after reading this article. I’ll write all the steps that how to fix PS4 error E-82000168?

Reasons for PS4 Error E-82000168

There are so many reasons to appears the error on the screen. There is not only one reason for this error. Here I’ll write all the possible reasons to occurs this error on the screen.

Check the reasons:

  • Maybe the PSN (PlayStation Network) server is down or temporarily unavailable.
  • Maybe the internet connection is not available.
  • The router’s firmware may be an expired or older version.
  • Sometimes PSN server has high volume and the PS4 user experience this error.
  • If the router blocked the port: TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 UDP: 3478, 3479

Solutions for PS4 Error E-82000168

Now, it’s the time to fix the error E-82000168, after fix this error you can smoothly play any games on your PS4. Here are all the possible methods to fix the error. If the method will not work you need to apply the next method to fix the error on your PS4.

Method 1: Check the PSN server status

PSN server status
PSN server status

The first method you need to use to fix this error check the PSN server status. Sometimes the PSN server is down or temporarily unavailable. It means PlayStation updating the server and its services to improve the performance.

If the PSN server is down or temporarily unavailable you just need to wait for up the server. Because without the server no-one can play any games on the PS4. In this situation there is only one way that is waiting for the server is when up. To check the PSN server click here.

Method 2: Check the Internet Connection

Sometimes the internet connection is unavailable for the PS4. At this situation you need to check the internet connection.

Check the internet connection

  • Open the Settings
  • Choose Network
PS4 Network Settings
PS4 Network Settings
  • Click on Test Internet Connection
Test Internet Connection
Test Internet Connection

After check the internet connection try if the error E-82000168. If your internet connection is working properly but still you face the error you need to follow the next step to fix this error.

Method 3: Update your router to the latest firmware

Sometimes there are all the things are good but the router’s firmware is outdated and its not working properly and blocking some connection for the PS4. It’s also very important to update all the software to the latest version to work properly.

This method also works if the router’s firmware software is outdated and recently you update the firmware. Now, check if the error fix or not. If the router’s firmware is outdated this error must be fixed.

Method 4: The Port is not Blocked

Sometimes the router blocked the port which is used to connect with the PSN server. You must check the port status if the router is blocked the port or not? At the first the router is works fine but after sometime the router start to block the port: TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 UDP: 3478, 3479. If these ports are blocked by the router you need to unblock them manually from the router.

All these ports are used to connect with the PSN server. Without connection of PlayStation Network server you’ll never play any games on the PS4.

Hope these methods will works for you. Comment down which method is works for you or still if you face this error comment below I’ll update the another method for you to fix the error E-82000168.

FAQs on PS4 Error E-82000168

1. How to check the PSN server status?

The PSN server status checking link is above, follow the above link.

2. What is the PS4 Error E-82000168 mean?

The error E-82000168 means, there may be the PSN server is down or temporarily unavailable or your internet connection is not working properly or maybe there is high volume on the PSN server or maybe the port is blocked by the router.

3. How to fix the error E-82000168?

To fix this error follow the above steps.

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