Download Latest PS5 Firmware Available

Recently PlayStation published PS5 console system software version Version 20.02-02.50.00. The firmware released on 25 Nov 2020. This is very good news for the PS5 users who is using PS5 console.

PS5 Firmware
PS5 Firmware

For the better performance I recommend you always update your PS5 console when the new version’s firmware is released by PlayStation. There are so many users who is lazy to update the firmware and finally they stated to face some problem due to not update the firmware.

PS5 System Software Update

PS5 System Software Update
PS5 System Software Update

Every PS5 user must need to update their PS5 system software because of security reasons. Another thing when you update the firmware the PS5 console will perform better than the previous one. When there are fixed bugs and added some features the company will release a new version of the firmware.

Nothing is perfect so everywhere has some problems detected and it’ll be fixed when there are available new version updates. PlayStation added some new features on the newly updated version of the system software PS5.

PS5 System Software Features

PS5 System Software Features
PS5 System Software Features

This is the second update of the PS5 (PlayStation 5) console and the company added some new features on this updated version of the system software.

  • System performance improved.
  • Disk versions games automatically deleted error was fixed.
  • An issue that prevented the PS5 wireless controller from being charged while in rest mode when connected to the PS5’s front side USB Type-A port using the USB cable included with some PS5 consoles was resolved.

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Download PS5 Update File

You can download the PS5 update file easily now and install it on your PS5 console. There are so many websites who provide the download file of the PS5 system software. But I recommend you to do not try to download the filed from their site and install it on your PS5 console.

But you can download the PS5 system software from a trusted site. We promise to you this site is 100% trusted and you can download the system file from here without any problem. We’re not changing the file and modified the file. This download file is 100% original and will not harm your PS5 console.

Download PS5 Re-Installation File

There two types of system software file available for download. One is Update File and another is Re-Installation File.

Re-installation means the system will be new after reinstalled the system software on PS5. When you reinstall your PS5 system software your all data will be deleted and this process is called “factory” or “hard” reset.

If you don’t know about the re-installation of PS5 system software don’t try to reinstall it. Otherwise you’ll lose your important data and games.

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FAQs on PS5 System Software Update

1. Can I download the firmware from this site?

Yes, you can download the update firmware from this site without any hesitation.

2. Is this necessary to update my PS5 firmware software?

Yes, this is very important to update your PS5 firmware to the latest version. It’ll be increased security and performance.

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