PS5 Error CE-107649-7 Fixed

The PS5 Error CE-107649-7 occurs when there is the problem with the disc you inserted on your PS5 console. The error code CE-107649-7 prevent to play the game on your PS5. This is the very common error code occurs on PlayStation 5 console.

Even the PlayStation 5 is newly released by Sony but there are millions people are using it. The PS5 console is very popular console worldwide due to is amazing features.

PS5 Error CE-107649-7


There are so many users who faced the error code CE-107649-7 on their PS5 console even they’re buy newly console. This error code is not generated by PS5 console.

Here you’ll get all the possible reasons and solutions for the PS5 Error CE-107649-7. We’ll guide you all the steps how to fix the error code CE-107649-7 and then you can easily play the game on your PS5 console.

Reasons for PS5 Error CE-107649-7

Behind the every error codes there is a reason or there are so many reasons of it. Here we’ll write all the possible reasons behind the error code CE-107649-7.

Check all the reasons why the PS5 Error CE-107649-7 appears on your screen:

  • Maybe you inserted the wrong disc on your PlayStation 5 console.
  • The inserted disc has some extra features than the installed game.
  • Maybe the installed game and the inserted disc are different.
  • Maybe your PS5 console’s system software is outdated.
  • Or your system software is crashed.

Solution for PS5 Error CE-107649-7

If there is a problem there is also available a solution. You can easily fix this error code just follow the below steps, then you can easily play the game on your PS5 console.

We write here all the possible solutions for this error code. You need to follow the below methods to fix the error code CE-107649-7.

Method 1: Check the Inserted Disc

Check the Inserted Disc
Check the Inserted Disc

First of all you need to check the inserted disc on your PS5 console. Before do anything you need to follow this method if the inserted game disc is different from the installed game the error CE-107649-7 appears on the screen.

So, if the inserted game disc is different from the installed game find the right disc and change it with new one.

Now, check if the error CE-107649-7 is fixed or not. If the disc is differs from the installed game and recently you correct is the problem will be 100% fixed.

Method 2: Re-Install the Game

This method will works if the games data is corrupted of you don’t find the correct disc of the installed game.

When you delete or uninstall the existing game if means you need to install the game again on your PS5. To delete the game follow the steps below:

  • Hit the option button on the game menu
  • Select the game which you want to delete
  • Press the X on the delete button

When the game is deleted successfully from the PS5 console, you need to check once your storage drive space. Make sure there is enough space on the drive before you install the game.

If the game is installed successfully on your PS5 console, it’ll work properly, enjoy.

Method 3: Update the System Software

Update the System Software
Update the System Software

There are so many PS5 users who never check their system notifications or some users ignores the notifications. Due to ignore these type of notification the error CE-107649-7 may be caused.

Try once to update the PS5 firmware to the latest version. It can be fixed the error code easily. If the error occurs due to outdated system software after the update the firmware it’ll be fixed.

Before update the system software make sure you’ve good internet connection and one thing the power must not cut during the updating period, if the PS5 will turns of due to the power, the PS5 can be dead. So, make sure you’ve good internet connection, good power connection.

After successfully updated the system software restart the PS5 console and try to play the game once. If it fixed, enjoy.


To fix the PS5 Error CE-107649-7 on your PlayStation 5 console, you need to first check if the game disc and installed game is same. If the game disc and installed game was different the error code occurs.

The system software also play the major role to fix this error code. If the system software (firmware) is outdated the error code may also occurs.

FAQs on PS5 Error CE-107649-7

1. What is the PS5 Error CE-107649-7 means?

The error code CE-107649-7 means there maybe problem with the game disc or the installed data is corrupted.

2. Do I need to update my PS5 console firmware to fix the error CE-107649-7?

When you keep up to date your PS5 console firmware, 20% problems will be fixed automatically. So, keep up to date the system firmware is important.

3. Unintalling the existing game can be fixed the error code CE-107649-7?

Yes, of course, when you delete or uninstall the existing corrupted game and reinstall the new game, the error code can be fixed.

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